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Quality policy of Soto del Ebro SL resides in paying special attention to the care and respect for the environment, integrating new methods and production techniques that ensure de sustainability of our orchards and fields.


We thoroughly cover all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities, such as land management practices and pesticide applications, to product handling post-harvesting, packing and storage. For this reason, we have the GLOBAL GAP certification.


Our production process requires pesticides and fertilizers, entirely using those which respect useful fauna and leaving no residues. In addition, we have deeply introduced PRODUCCIÓN INTEGRADA methods, ensuring the greatest environmental respect, and romoting the use of practices that do not use agrochemicals, such as sexual confusion traps to control certain pests.

Likewise, we select the adequate cultivation systems that require less use of machinery in order to avoid fuel consumption and soil compaction.


We are responsible for the pest residues and fertilizers management, both generated in our cultivations and our suppliers through SIGFITO, which is a recycling center where all the packaging waste is collected. Our aim is to maintain our environment cleaner and healthier.


Soto del Ebro SL is also joined to ECOEMBES to ensure that all wooden and cardboard materials waste used in our products can be certainly recycled.


Other organic and sustainable practices that we developed in our farms are:

      • crushing the pruning of our trees to incorporate organic matter to the soil, preventing combustion, air pollution and minimizing excess nitrogen fertilizer
      • drip irrigation in order to optimize the consumption of water, and improving accurately of fertilizers application
      • Crushing organic waste generated in selection process (leaves, branches) and packaging waste (wood pallet) adding it as compost for our fields.
      • Combining large and small fields, where above large productions, we give preference to diversity and care for environment along with the final product quality

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