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SOTO DEL EBRO S.L coordinates and participates in several R&D and innovation projects, such as:


      • FRUTAL - Project for monitoring the variation of the caliber of the fruits and correlation with the climatic conditions








    The development of the action in which Soto del Ebro, Frutas Montecillo and the Sociedad Cooperativa de Albelda participate, whose main objective is to carry out a proof of concept to monitor the evolution of the size of the pears and seek the correlation that this parameter has with the agroclimatic variables. Growers, accessing both caliber and agroclimatic data collected at key locations of their crops through any device with an internet connection during a complete vegetative cycle, will be able to obtain conclusions on the most appropriate management of pear trees during development. of the fruits, which will also allow the participating companies to improve their competitiveness.



    The project is financed through Aid aimed at companies to carry out collaborative projects of experimental development and innovation that solve challenges in the field of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, in its 2022 call.





      RE-PEAR is a R+D Project promoted by Soto del Ebro and the Protected Denomination of Origin Peras de Rincón de Soto. It started in 2014 and is formed by an European consortium integrated by 3 Associations (PRS, FNAP and EUCOFEL), 3 SMEs (Soto del Ebro, Xeda and HS Luftfilterbau) and 3 RTD centers (IRTA, University of Malta and INSPIRALIA),

      The goal aimed to ahieve in this Project is to find a novel and natural solution for pear conservation based on: - The preparation of standardized Postharvest Management and control practice specific for pear sector.- The development of a Natural and organic anti-scalding and ungicide coating. - The design of a novel industrial filter able to minimize the presence of fungi spores and bacteria in pear conservation chambers.

      Soto del Ebro SL, will have the entire exclusivity to commercialize this technology in Spain, and will be able to offer it to our clients, based on a process of continuous improvement policy.

      Additional information about our project can be found at


            • ERWINAS WEATHER

      ERWINAS WEATHER project is directed and coordinated by Soto del Ebro. It started in 2014 and will finish after 3 years of hard work in 2017. The University of La Rioja and the C.I.D.A. (Centre for Agri-food Research and Technological Development of the Government of La Rioja) are also involved, giving technical and scientific support.

      The aim of ERWINAS WEATHER project is to develop an integrated predictive model which will be able to warn farmers when the fire blight infection could happen, in order to prevent this event during the pear cultivation. It consists in determining the conditions of evelopment of the disease knowing worldwide as “Fire Blight”, in the production area of the PDO.

      Several weather stations were installed in selected test orchards area, using cutting edge technologies.

      Soto del Ebro SL will publish all findings of the study on this website and in specialized press.


            • PERAPACK

      PERAPACK project is directed and coordinated by Soto del Ebro. It began to develop in collaboration with C.I.D.A (Center of innovation and food technology of La Rioja) in 2015.

      The main objective of this project is to achieve a new product based on conference pear cultivar produced under the P.D.O regulations. The new pack format, which currently does not exist in the European market, will be designed as a flow-pack bag with special features for this type of product, where the packaging system will be optimized to reach modified atmosphere conditions.

      Such technology will be used for the entire pear conservation and storage in order to improve the safe and quality and increase the lifetime of the final product.

      Furthermore, postharvest factors (i.e. ripeness) and storage conditions (temperature, relative humidity) will be analyzed to assess the influence in the conservation and lifetime of the product, so as to select the most suitable pears depending on time of the year, the final market destination, etc.

      The final project´s goal is to introduce our product to a new and different market; facilitating its export management, extending the product shelf-life, and preserving all its quality properties for the purpose of opening a new line of work for the company.





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